Preparing You for the Road Ahead

Offering Driving Lessons for New and Experienced Drivers

Road Ready Driving School, INC throughout the State of Michigan offers packages to teach student drivers learn proper driving techniques while helping them overcome their anxiety. We give you the attention you need to boost your confidence on the road. We have certified Michigan Driver Education Instructors who will share with you the techniques on how to respond appropriately even in difficult driving situations.

Segment 2

This package can serve as your refresher concerning the rules of the road. Your designated instructor will teach you practical car smarts and defensive driving techniques as well. Just like Segment 1, this package provides you with a secure online enrollment and 24/7 account access. Read the terms and conditions to more about this package.

To enroll in our Segment 2 driver's education course, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Level 1 License for not Less Than 3 Continuous Months
  • Minimum of 30 Hours of Supervised Day Driving with a licensed adult age 21 and over.
  • Minimum of 2 Hours of Supervised Night Driving with a licensed adult age 21 and over.
  • Segment 2 Prepares the Students for the Driving Test.

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Segment 2 Provisions

Road Ready Driving School, INC will provide a minimum of 6 hours of classroom instruction with a certified Michigan Driver Education Instructor. Classroom instruction shall not exceed 2 hours per day.

A driving log must be presented to verify that the student has completed a minimum of 30 hours of day time hours and 2 hours at night with a licensed parent/guardian or a designated licensed adult driver 21 or older. A log was presented to the Segment 2 instructor on or before the first classroom session.

The Student must have held a Level 1 License for not less than 3 continuous months.

Teen Segment 2 Terms

The Parent or Legal Guardian agrees to pay the total amount on or before the first day of class in the form of cash or credit card.

The Student and at least one Family Partner must attend the mandatory Parent Meeting on the first day of class.*

The Student may miss class only for an illness or emergency with documented proof presented to the instructor. The student is required to make up the same class session missed (e.g. if the student missed day 2 must attend day 2 of the next available segment 2 course.).

A fee of $50.00 will be charged for each lost or damaged textbook or workbook.*

A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each request for a replacement of a Segment Two Completion Certificate.*

Requirements to Pass the Course

The Student will be allowed up to three attempts to pass the State Exam, which requires a score of at least 70%.

Refund Policy

Due to limited seating, NO REFUND shall be given after registration.

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